8-36V Switch-Mode Dual 5V Regulator

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The device iC-WD is a monolithic switching regulator with two downstream 5V resp. 3.3V linear regulators. In view of the high efficiency of the down converter for an input voltage range of 8 to 36 V, the iC-WD family is well-suited for industrial applications which require a stabilised 5 V resp. 3.3 V power supply with minimal power dissipation and few components. Switching transistor, free-wheeling diode and oscillator are integrated, limiting the necessary external elements for the switching regulator to the inductor, the back-up capacitor and one resistor. This resistor determines the regulator’s cut-off current and thus its efficiency in the particular application at hand. The downstream linear regulators feature a low residual ripple even with relatively small smoothing capacitors in the µF range. The output voltages have an internal reference and are specified ±5% in the entire operating and temperature range. The use of two mutually independent linear regulators makes it possible to isolate the voltage supply of sensitive analogue circuits or sensors from the supply for digital and driver devices. The chip temperature and the output voltages are monitored. A fault is signalled via the current-limited open-collector output NER, for example by an LED display or a logical link with other error signals from the system. In the event of overtemperature, the switching regulator is disabled to reduce the power dissipation of the chip.


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Adjustment of the regulator cut-off current with external resistor
ESD protection
Fault message at overtemperature and undervoltage at current-limited open-collector output
Highly efficient down converter
Input voltage 8 to 36 Vdc
Integrated 100 kHz oscillator without external components
Internal reference voltages
Low space requirement with SO8 resp. tiny DFN10 package
Shutdown of switching regulator at overtemperature
Small residual ripple with low capacitances in the F range
Switching frequency above the audible range
Switching transistor and free-wheeling diode integrated
Three different output voltage combinations of 3.3 V version available (see Block Diagram)
Two downstream linear regulators with 200 mA/25 mA output current


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