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The GainSpan Audio Application Development  Kit (ADK) is a complete reference design that demonstrates an audio streaming application based on the GainSpan GS2011MiZ Wi-Fi Module, audio application board and the associated embedded and mobile software suite. The Audio ADK targets applications such as wireless speakers, wireless microphones, headphones, walkie-talkies and baby monitors.

The Audio ADK includes the Audio Application board, hardware design package and complete software suite including  embedded software and mobile reference applications for iOS smartphones. An evaluation version of the ADK, the Audio Application Evaluation Kit (AEK) is also available that will include the application hardware and binary-only software.

The Audio ADK supports a variety of use cases - streaming music from smartphones to a remote speaker or headphones, streaming voice audio data from the audio board to the smartphone, or walkie-talkie mode for twoway half-duplex audio communication.  The ADK provides  customers a foundation to rapidly build custom features suited to their end application.

Operational Modes

The GainSpan Audio ADK board running the audio application may operate as a limited access point (Limited AP Mode) or as a client within an existing network infrastructure (Client/Station Mode).

In Limited AP Mode, the Audio ADK board forms a point-to-point connection with a smartphone. Once the smartphone has established connection with the Audio ADK board, the Audio mobile application discovers the Audio application profile being advertised by the embedded application and selects it to enable audio streaming from the smartphone to the Audio board or from the Audio board to the smartphone, depending on the use case selected.

In Client/Station modes, the GainSpan module and the smartphone connect to an AP as clients. The smartphone now discovers the Audio embedded application profile, and upon selection, starts the audio streaming.

Both the Limited AP mode and client/station modes provide mDNS/DNS-SD based discovery methods. The embedded application advertises availability, and clients automatically discover the audio profile and connect to it. Discovery allows clients to locate and connect to audio board without the need to know the URL.

Provisioning of the GainSpan node in Limited AP or Client/Station modes and Over-the-air firmware updates  (OTAFU) of the GS2011M module firmware can be done using Provisioning and OTAFU web or mobile applications.


• Complete audio  reference  design  for audio streaming between the Audio Application board and iOS based smartphones
• Target applications are  audio  streaming applications such as wireless speakers, headphones, walkie-talkies and baby monitors
• Accelerated time-to-market using GainSpan’s solution that includes complete hardware design package and software suite (embedded software source and mobile reference apps)

Symmetry Electronics (and its e-commerce division: is an authorized GainSpan distributor.


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Audio ADK hardware features
- GainSpan GS2011MIZ Wi-Fi module
- Communicates with audio codec via SPI
- VS1053 Audio codec
o Decodes most common audio formats MP3, AAC-LC, WMA, WAV, FLAC
o Encodes 16-bit PCM from mic input
o On-chip stereo DAC
Audio ADK software features
- Complete networking and Wi-Fi stack; Wi-Fi Security (WPA/2, WEP)
- Allows automatic discovery by clients using mDNS/DNS-SD discovery methods
- Remote Speaker
o Music streaming with improved audio buffering
o Support for MP3 and AAC (.m4a) audio formats
- Remote Microphone
o Voice streaming from microphone to mobile app
o Linear PCM format encoding; app does decoding and playback
- Walkie-talkie
o Push-To-Talk button on board and mobile app
o Half-duplex, two-way communication

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