WTR6138 5G/4G/LTE Terminal Antenna

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The WTR6138 Wideband LTE 5G terminal omni antenna is an ideal solution for 5G and LTE routers and modems and requiring an compact multi-position antenna.

The WTR6138 Wideband LTE 5G terminal omni antenna is a compact solution for routers, modems and gateways. With robust RF operation from 617 MHz to 3800 MHz, the WTR6138 is an effective antenna for 5G and LTE applications.

With a peak gain of approximately 1 dBi to 4 dBi across the frequency bands and an minimum efficiency of 50% on all bands, this antenna offers consistent performance across a wide bandwidth, despite measuring only 171mm in length. Terminated in a SMA-Male connector as standard, the WTR6138 is designed to mount directly onto the RF terminal, router or modem. Other connectors including RP-SMA, TNC-Male and FME-Female are also possible.

This antenna would be ideal for commercial and industrial applications including wireless security and CCTV, remote video applications, wireless kiosk and info terminals and for 5G/LTE access gateways.

Key Features

  • Terminal Antenna
  • Covering 4G/LTE Bands
  • Groundplane Independent
  • Connector Mount
  • Efficiency over 50% on all bands

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