Fully Integrated, 802.3af-Compatible PoE PD Interface with 13W Primary-Side Regulated Flyback or Buck Converter

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The MP8007H is an integrated, IEEE 802.3af-compatible, PoE-powered device with a PD interface and power converter. It is targeted for isolated or non-isolated 13W PoE applications.

The PD interface has all the functions of IEEE 802.3af, including detection, classification, 120mA inrush current, 840mA operation current limit, and a 100V hot-swap MOSFET.

The DC/DC converter uses fixed peak current and variable frequency discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) to regulate a constant output voltage. The primary-side regulation without optocoupler feedback in flyback mode simplifies the design. Buck mode minimizes the solution size for non-isolated applications. A 180V integrated power MOSFET optimizes the device for various wide-voltage applications.

The device’s protection features include over-current protection, over-voltage protection, open-circuit protection and thermal shutdown.

The MP8007H can support a front-end solution for PoE-PD applications with minimal external components. It is available in a QFN-28 (4mmx5mm) package.



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