8-Channel, Synchronous, 50V Boost WLED Driver with I2C Interface

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The MP3371 is a synchronous boost converter with eight current channels designed to drive WLED arrays for LCD panels in tablets and notebook backlighting applications.

The MP3371 uses peak current control mode and pulse-width modulation (PWM) control to maintain boost converter regulation. The MP3371 employs a standard I2C digital interface to set the operation mode, switching frequency, full-scale current for each channel, sync or non-sync mode, dimming mode and duty, and various protection thresholds.

The MP3371 features high efficiency due to low-headroom voltage for LED regulation and a small on resistance of the switching MOSFET. The synchronous rectifier saves PCB size and total BOM cost.

The MP3371 is available in a QFN-24 (4mmx4mm) package.

Advantages Include:

  • Highly integrated to save BOM cost and PCB size
  • Variety of dimming methods and good dimming performance (10000:1 dimming ratio at 100Hz)
  • LED open/short, inductor/diode short, OTP, adjacent pin short protections
  • I2C for flexible application
  • Phase shift to reduce audible noise
  • Auto-switching function to boost the efficiency at light load (MP3372)


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