Miniature, Ultra-low power, Long-range Ultrasonic Time-of-Flight Range Sensor

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Product Information

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CH201 is a miniature, ultra-low power, long-range ultrasonic Time-of-Flight (ToF) range sensor. Based on Chirp’s patented MEMS technology, the CH201 is a system-in-package that integrates a PMUT (Piezoelectric Micromachined Ultrasonic Transducer) together with an ultra-low power SoC (System on Chip) in a miniature, reflowable package. The SoC runs Chirp’s advanced ultrasonic DSP algorithms and includes an integrated microcontroller that provides digital range readings over I2C.

Complementing Chirp’s CH101 ultrasonic ToF sensor product, CH201 provides accurate range measurements to targets at distances up to 5m. Based on ultrasonic pulse-echo measurements, the sensor works in any lighting condition, including full sunlight, and provides millimeter-accurate range measurements independent of the target’s color and optical transparency. The sensor’s Field-Of-View (FOV) can be customized and enables simultaneous range measurements to multiple objects in the FOV.


  • Augmented/Virtual Reality and Gaming
  • Drones and Robotics
  • Mobile and Computing Devices
  • Obstacle avoidance
  • Printers and Scanners
  • Proximity sensing
  • Presence detection: always-on sensing to lock/unlock and power on/off notebooks, tablets, white goods, etc.
  • Smart Home


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Fast, Accurate Range-finding

Operating range from 20cm to 5m
Sample rate up to 100 samples/sec
0.2 mm RMS range noise at 1m range
Programmable modes optimized for long and short-range sensing applications
Field of view (FoV): 45° nominal
Multi-object detection
Works in sunlight and any other lighting
Insensitive to object color, detects optically transparent surfaces like glass windows

Easy to Integrate

Single sensor for receive and transmit
Single 1.8V supply
I2C Fast Mode compatible interface, data-rates up to 400 kHz
Dedicated programmable range interrupt pin
Platform-independent software driver enables turnkey range-finding

Miniature Integrated Module

Compatible with standard SMT reflow
Low-power micro-controller running advanced ultrasound firmware
Operating temperature range: -40° to 85°C

Ultra-low Power Consumption

1 sample/s:
o 15 μW (1m max range)
o 27 μW (4m max range)
25 samples/s:
o 180 μW (1m max range)
o 500 μW (4m max range)


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