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The iC-MHM is an absolute angular position sensor (encoder) using four integrated Hall sensors for sensing a diametrical magnetized permanent magnet. Output is absolute position in BiSS, SSI, or SPI format and/or incremental position via encoder quadrature (ABZ) signals.

The Hall sensors provide differential signals proportional to the sine and cosine of the magnet’s angular position. These signals can be calibrated to eliminate voltage offsets, amplitude differences and harmonic distortion. An automatic amplitude control maintains 1 Vpp signal amplitudes regardless of changes in airgap or temperature.

An integrated interpolator uses the calibrated sine and cosine signals to determine the angular position of the permanent magnet with a resolution of 4 096 increments per revolution. Turns count information from an external multiturn sensor can also be read in and synchronized with the interpolated angle using the integrated multiturn SSI interface. Integrated line drivers and receivers are provided for for BiSS C or SSI stand-alone encoder applications.

SSI ring-mode operation is also supported. TTL or LVDS level SPI communication with a host processor or microcontroller can be selected for embedded applications.

The iC-MHM is configured using the integrated serial port in BiSS C or SPI mode. In stand-alone applications, configuration parameters are stored in an external EEPROM and protected by a CRC for use at startup. The integrated I2C multi-master interface allows the same EEPROM to be used by external multiturn sensors such as the iC-MV and iC-PV for configuration storage.

A 4-bit digital I/O port provides general-purpose or dedicated discrete I/O for application versatility.



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