Power Profiler Kit II - Power Profiling tool for embedded development

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The PPK2 is an easy to use tool for power profiling and power optimization of embedded solutions.

The PPK2 is a standalone kit that can measure and supply currents as low as 1 uA and as high as 1A on all Nordic development kits (DKs) in addition to external designs. The PPK2 can measure on external custom hardware without requiring a Nordic Semiconductor DK to supply power. It supports Vcc levels between 0.8 V and 5 V. Thereby, one can measure the low sleep currents, the higher active currents, as well as short current peaks, including on the nRF91 Series. It also has an amperemeter mode to enable measurement of current supplied from the application power supply.

The PPK2 also supports 8 digital inputs that can be used as a low-end logic analyzer. This allows code-synchronized measurements by connecting one or more digital inputs to I/O pins on the device under test (DUT) and use the digital inputs to show what code is executed in the DUT at different points in time. The PPK2 has 10x quicker sampling compared with our previous generation, leading to higher bandwidth and the ability to have a continuous real time measurement window.

The PC software is bundled as a separate app inside Nordic’s cross platform development software for Bluetooth LE and cellular IoT, nRF Connect for Desktop. The application supports having both averaged acquisition data and zooming in for high-resolution data in one single window.

A subsection of each window can be selected for average current calculations. This allows validation of peaks and long-time averages at the same time. The new power profiler app inside nRF Connect for Desktop will have different capabilities, but a unified interface for both the original PPK and the PPK2.


  • Enables power profiling and supply of Nordic Semiconductor DKs in addition to custom hardware
  • Measures and supplies currents between 1 uA and 1A
  • 10x quicker sampling compared with the previous generation, 100 ksps
  • Power supply and ampere meter modes

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