TMC249 Microstep Driver for External FETs

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The TMC249 is a smart high current microstepping driver for bipolar stepper motors. The integrated unique sensorless stall detection StallGuard™ makes it a good choice for applications where a reference point is needed, but where a switch cannot be used. The ability to predict an overload makes the TMC249 an optimum choice for drives where a high reliability is desired. It provides an SPI™ interface as well as the classical analog / digital control. A full set of protection and diagnostic features makes this device very rugged. It directly drives external MOSFETs for currents of up to 4A. (A list of compatible power MOSFETs is given within the datasheet.) This way it reaches an extremely high efficiency and allows driving of a high motor current without cooling measures even at high environment temperatures. With the new chip-scale QFN package a 4A motor driver can be realized on the size of a stamp! The high motor current makes this device ideal for miniaturized highly dynamic and high torque drive systems.


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up to 4000 mA coil current (peak) with just 8 external MOSFETS
7V to 34V motor supply (TMC249A), up to 60V using a few add. components
higher current / voltage using additional gate drivers
3.3V or 5V operation for digital part
sensorless stall detection StallGuard
full protection and diagnostics
low power dissipation
16 times microstepping via SPI, 64 times using additional shift register, even more via analog control
mixed decay for smooth operation
programmable slope control for low EME
internal or external chopper clock
standby and shutdown mode
easy-to-use SPI interface
classical analog interface
standard SO28 package
chip size QFN32 7x7mm package
RoHS compliant


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