CF card for Bluetooth Access Server

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WRAP Access Server™ is a cutting edge wireless Bluetooth router. It supports multiple communication standards including Ethernet, WiFi, and GSM/GPRS enabling full media-independent TCP/IP connectivity. WRAP Access Server™ is easy to deploy and manage in existing wired and wireless networks without compromising speed or security. For very fast deployment, WRAP Access Server™ configurations can easily be copied from one device to another using USB memory dongles. The device can be conveniently managed and upgraded remotely over secured links and by supporting SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol), WRAP Access Servers can also be connected to customer’s management and monitoring systems. WRAP Access Server™ is targeted at system integrators and original equipment manufacturers wanting to deploy a secure, cost effective, low power consuming and up to 100-meter range wireless network for Bluetoothequipped devices. These devices include products such as barcode readers, pay-terminals, medical instruments, special purpose PDAs and mobile phones, and telemetry and machine-to-machine units. Available with an optional mounting accessory, WRAP Access Server™ can be firmly and securely placed on walls and ceilings.


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Bluetooth Networking
21 simultaneous Bluetooth connections
Acts as a transparent router or bridge
Bluetooth, CE and FCC certified
DHCP Support for plug-and-play installation
USB, RS232 and GPIO
Incorporates packet filtering firewall
Fast and easy to install
All relevant Bluetooth profiles and API's supported
100 meter range / Software configurable for support 10 meter range
Wi-Fi, GSMGPRS via external CF card
Uncompromised security: SSH, Firewall and 128 bit Bluetooth encryption
Simple and secure mounting accessory available
Bluetooth, Ethernet


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