Evolution OS SDK for XPort AR

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The PARADIGM-KIT Evolution OS™ Software Developers Kit (SDK) provides the ability to create custom applications to run on the Evolution Operating System. High level access to a large subset of Evolution’s internal Application Programmer’s Interface (API) allows programmers to easily enhance much of Evolution’s rich feature set for custom applications. Complete documentation is provided in the Evolution OS SDK API Reference Manual for all functions, structures, definitions, etc.



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SDK Main Modules includes CLI, XML Configuration Record, HTTP, Secure Shell
Additional SDK APIs includes Operating System, BSD Socket Programming Interface, File System, Data Storage, Dynamic Memory Heap, Diagnostics, Email, Configurable Pins, Serial Port
includes 6 sample programs of incremental complexity: Hello World, Thread with Memory Allocation and Semaphores, Translation using CLI and XCR, Translation Over Network Socket, Translation over SSH socket,CGI Based Webpage to do Translation


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Evolution OS SDK for XPort AR
Evolution OS SDK for XPort AR