5V Low Power Programmable Ringing SLIC, SIL

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The Silvertel Ag1170 is a single Subscriber Line Interface Circuit (SLIC) in a 14 pin single in line (SIL) or 21 pin dual in line (DIL) format. The combination of features and packaging offers extremely efficient use of board area, saving significant system size and cost, minimising time to market for Telephony Systems developers. The Ag1170 has been designed to work with loop lengths of typically 3.0km (800Ω including telephone). Its performance to regulatory standards (G712) allows use in public and private network applications. 
The Ag1170 has integral dc/dc converter and ringing generation thus providing all the line powering requirements from a single supply. The SLIC requires a minimum of external components. The system interface has been designed for direct connection to popular codecs, for both audio and signaling. The Ag1170 is ideal for low line count, short loop length applications, such as ISDN Terminal Adaptors, Internet Telephony (VoIP), Computer Telephony Integration (CTI), Wireless Local Loops (WLL) and Small Office Home Office (SOHO).


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A highly featured low power SLIC in a 14 pin SIL or 21 pin DIL format.
Integral high efficiency DC/DC converter. Single +5V or +3.3V supply voltage.
Highly integrated with an on-board ringing generator.
Tip/Ring polarity reversal. On-Hook Transmission for caller line ID.
Line and balance impedance programmable with external components (on Ag1170-P version)
Easy to use, with a minimum number of external components.
Simplified protection in on-premise applications.
Silvertel design-in assistance.


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Silvertel Application Note
Silvertel Application Note
Silvertel Application Note
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