Eval Board Ag90xx Ag9120 Ag92xx Ag94xx Ag96xx Ag97xx Ag80xx PoE Modules

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The Silvertel EVALPOE evaluation board will work with Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) that supplies the power over the spare pair or the data pair. It is suitable for use with the following products - Ag90xx, Ag9120, Ag92xx, Ag94xx, Ag96xx, Ag97xx and Ag80xx(-S or -D variants where applicable).

The POE evaluation board can be powered using the spare pair in the CAT5e cable (pins 4 & 5 and pins 7 & 8) by Midspan equipment. In addition to this the POE evaluation board has on-board magnetics. This can extract the power from the center tap of the data pair (pins 1 & 2 and pins 3 & 6) used by Endspan equipment.

The input data and power is supplied to the board through connector J1. The data is passed through to the peripheral equipment via J2, with the power form the PD module is supplied via either J3 & J4 or J5.

Below is an example set-up using an Ag9405 powered by a Midspan and supplying +5V to a DLink DCS-900 ethernet camera.    

The PC ethernet port is connected to the data input of the Midspan via a short Cat5e patch cable. The Data & Power output from the Midspan is connected to the input of the POE evaluation board (J1) via a CAT5e crossover cable. The data output of the POE evaluation board is connected to the data port of the ethernet camera via a short CAT5e patch cable. The (+5V) power output from the POE evaluation board (J5) connects to the dc input of the ethernet camera.



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Silvertel EVALPOE User Manual