High Performance Quad Opamp

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The iC-HQ contains four precision OPAMPs, operated from a common 5V supply. The offset of less than 1 µV allows operation with a very high gain. The continuous offset cancellation principle results in ultra low offset temperature drift as well as exceptional suppression of the 1/f noise below 1 kHz. The validation of the specified offset voltage of each OPAMP is performed with built-in test circuitry as part of functional testing and quality assurance. All parameters influencing precision, like open loop gain, power supply rejection ratio, common mode rejection ratio and load rejection are extremely high and add to the offset voltage only in the sub-µV range. The 3.5MHz gain-bandwidth makes this quad OPAMP ideally suited for signal processing tasks, where high frequencies have to be processed at ahigh gain. Unity gain stability is provided, thus the OPAMPs can also operate as buffers. The low supply current of 1.4mA is particularly advantageous in battery operated devices. The input common mode range includes GND. The rail-to-rail outputs are capable of 1mA and are unlimited shortcircuit proof. The input current I(IPx), I(INx) is typically below 5 pA at room temperature and below 100 pA throughout the whole temperature range.


1 mA rail-to-rail output
130 dB common mode rejection ratio
135 dB power supply rejection ratio
140 dB open loop gain
2.5 V/s slew rate
3.5 MHz gain-bandwidth product
5 V single supply
Built-in offset measurement for each OPAMP
Input common mode range down to 0 V
Low supply current, typ. 375 A/OPAMP
Ultra low offset (HQ: < 1 V, HQL: <10 V) and offset drift
Unity gain stability
Very low 1/f noise
Very low load dependent offset shift


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