3-Channel 75 Ohm Line Driver

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iC-WE SO20

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The iC-WE is a high-speed monolithic line driver circuit for three independent channels with built-in characteristic impedance adaption for 75O lines. The push-pull outputs are designed for a high driver power of typ. 300mA at 24V. They are current-limited and short-circuit protected by thermal shut-down at overtemperature. Clamp diodes to VB and to GND protect the IC outputs against echoes of mismatched lines and against damage due to ESD according to MIL-STD-883. All inputs are Schmitt triggers and contain current sources from the 5V supply VCC which select a defined High Level without external wiring. Clamp diodes to VCC and to GND furnish ESD protection. Using the INVert input it is possible to switch all channels to inverting or non-inverting operation. This enables a data transmission with balanced line activation using two iC-WE devices. For bus applications the final stages can be forced to a high impedance state using the TRI-State input. The circuit monitors supply voltages VB and VCC as well as the chip temperature and switches all final stages to high impedance in the event of a fault. The NER output which is constructed as an open collector and is also short-circuit proof reports the fault via the connected line. The error input TNER can be linked to message outputs of other ICs and allows iC-WE to report a system fault message. If the supply voltage VCC cancels, NER becomes highly resistive.


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Error output with thermal shutdown and low voltage
ESD protection and integrated freewheeling diodes
Integrated cable adaption with thermal protection
Meets EIA standard RS422 (with two iCs used)
Push-pull driver current-limited and short-circuit-proof
Tri-state and invert mode
Driver supply voltage of 4.5 to 30 V
Guaranteed driving capability of 30 mA
TTL-/CMOS-compatible hysteresis inputs with pull-up sources


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3-Channel 75 Ohm Line Driver
Part #: iC-WE SO20
3-Channel 75 Ohm Line Driver