21-Bit Optical Position Encoder

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LG2S (300 88 191)

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iC-LG is an optoelectronic encoder iC for absolute linear or angular measuring systems, such as glass scales and shaft encoders. Photosensors, amplifiers and comparators, the entire signal conditioning unit and interfaces for the position data output are monolithically integrated on the chip. The differential evaluation of all tracks enables operation at high ambient temperatures. Scanning uses pre- and post-positioned photosensors for each track, permitting high adjustment tolerances during system assembly. An integrated LED power control with a highside driver guarantees illumination regardless of temperature or aging effects. The chip features offset and amplitude calibration for the analog output signals also fed to the integrated 3-bit flash and the 8-bit SAR interpolators. External multiturn sensor slaves can be operated via an SSI interface. Here, iC-LG is master and synchronizes all data to produce a contiguous, single-step-proof position data word. Additionally, temperature data is available from an on-chip sensor, featuring adjustable high/low alarms to monitor encoder and drive operation. The fast BiSS interface (SSI mode is optional) and an 8-bit microcontroller interface are available to output the position data and to configure the chip. An external EEPROM can also provide setup and OEM data.


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Excellent matching and reliability granted by system-on-chip design with integrated photosensors
Differential track evaluation and signal-related hysteresis comparators grant EMI immunity and operation up to 125 C
High assembly tolerance due to synchronized scanning principle
13 digital tracks pitched at just 500 μm
2 sine/cosine analog tracks with enlarged photosensors and electronic calibration features
Position data resolution of 16 to 21 bits by on-chip interpolation (by 3-bit flash or 8-bit S&H ADC)
Services external multiturn encoders and interpolation ICs
LED power control with a 50 mA highside driver
Adjustable on-chip temperature sensor with a min/max alarm
Operational monitoring with alarm output for missing code, corrupted single/multiturn data (disc error), EEPROM link, error, illumination error (end of life), out-of-range temperature
Interface modes: parallel encoder, serial BiSS/SSI, μC
4 to 5.5 V single supply operation, low power consumption
Options: extended temperature range of -40 to +125 C, cuscustomized

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21-Bit Optical Position Encoder
Part #: LG2S (300 88 191)
21-Bit Optical Position Encoder