1-axis stepper motion controller with S-ramps and encoder feedback

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1-axis stepper motion controller with S-ramps and encoder feedback The TMC454 is the direct successor of the TMC453 and is 100% software compatible. The TMC454 is a high-end motor controller for all common 2-, 3-, and 5-phase stepper motors. It provides encoder feedback for high reliability or high position resolution drives. A large set of motion control features is included on this IC. The various function blocks are hardwired and „ready-to-use“. All processes can be serialized using the instruction based interface. A complete linear & S-shaped ramp generation unit is integrated within the TMC454. All dynamic parameters can be adjusted for a given application in a very broad range. The CPU is relieved from all time critical tasks like ramp calculation or microstep generation. Thus CPU and software engineer can focus on higher level motion control jobs. In many applications, the TMC454 reduces the time time-to-market, and it saves costs for software development and hardware engineering. The TMC454 turns stepper motors into easy to use peripherals! The TMC454 is upwards function compatible to its predecessor TMC453.


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upwards function and software compatible to TMC453
controls 2-, 3-, and 5-phase stepper motors and other motors using the PID function
full step, half step, sine-step and user defined patterns
internal RAM for user programmable stepping and analogue output voltage patterns up to 128 steps
relieves CPU from all time critical tasks
incremental encoder interface
pulse generation from mHz to MHz
S-shaped and linear ramp generation
PID controller for holding the position
synchronization of multiple TMC454
direct SPI interface for TMC246/TMC249 stepper driver IC family
high resolution microstep drive using external SPI DACs
interrupt controller
electrical data: 3.3V / 1.5V supply
interface: parallel interface (3.3V), with additional control output for optional 5V level shifter and serial IIC bus interface


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