1-axis controller / driver 3.5A / 48V with encoder interface

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TMC MONOpack2 V2

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The Monopack 2 is an intelligent easy-to-use stepper motor driver for two-phase bipolar stepper motors with up to 5A coil current. It comes in a small and robust housing and provides a high motor power and dynamics. It can be controlled via CAN bus, an RS485, RS232 or a Step/Direction interface and provides the functionality for either remote controlled or stand alone applications. Its optional encoder feedback and a number of protection features makes this drives very dependant and reliable. The Monopack 2 can do up to 406 microsteps and needs a power supply of 12-48 Volts.

A Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2000/XP based PC software is supplied to explore the possibilities of the Monopack 2. To use this software, the Monopack just has to be connected to the PC via its RS232 interface.

The Monopack 2 replaces the Trinamic products “Monopack” and “Monopack LT” which have been discontinued. It is fully compatible with the Monopack and offers most features of the Monopack LT. A DIP switch allows to select either “Monopack” or “Monopack LT” mode. Also the maximum motor current can be either 2.5A like in the old Monopack and Monopack LT or, in the extended mode, 5A. This can also be selected by a DIP switch. From version V2.0 on the Monopack 2 is RoHS conform.

Trinamic TMCMONOPACK2_001

Trinamic TMCMONOPACK2_003

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up to 3.5A RMS coil current (5A peak)
supply voltage 12V to 48V
up to 406 times microstepping
two-phase bipolar motors with 1A to 3.5A coil current
optional incremental encoder (2 or 3 channel)
CAN, RS485 and RS232 and step / direction (differential)
I/Os: Limit and reference switch inputs
incremental encoder input
highly dynamic and fast response drive
automatic S-shaped ramp generation
closed loop for exact position maintenance or positioning check / retry
fully protected driver
3 Firmware modes: TMCL based stand-alone mode; ASCII terminal mode; MONOpack and Lt compatibility mode
comes with PC-based demonstration and application development software
pluggable screw terminal connectors for all signals
robust aluminum housing
RoHS compatible
size: 132 x 130 x 45 mm


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Trinamic Monopack_2 Hardware Guide
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