RS9110-N-11-22 Evaluation Board -UART only

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Product Information

Please note that this eval board has only UART interface. See RS9110-N-11-22-01-EVB for the version with SPI interface.

The Evaluation Kit for the RS9110-N-11-22 module offers users a flexible way of evaluating the features and performance of the module comprehensively. The kit consists of an evaluation board (EVB) with the module mounted, a serial cable, a USB power adapter, related software and documentation. The EVB can be connected to a Host system through the UART or SPI interfaces.

In the case of UART, the EVB can be connected to a PC using the serial cable or to the user’s own EVB/PCB through custom connectors for the purposes of development and evaluation. From a PC, the user can configure the RS9110-N-11-22 EVB using a Hyperterminal application using AT commands or the Wi-Fi Configuration Utility supplied as part of the software kit. In the case of SPI, the user would have to connect to the Host PCB using customer connectors.

In addition to the Wi-Fi Configuration Utility which works in Windows OS, the software kit also includes reference driver software and custom applications for UART and SPI which can be used to open and close sockets (TCP, UDP, Listening TCP) inside the RS9110-N-11-22 module and exchange data with a Peer PC over WLAN. Source code for these applications and driver is also provided as reference.



Connects to Host over UART
Option to connect to PC or custom PCB over UART
On-board RS232 driver IC to connect to a DB9 connector
Software kit for UART includes Configuration Utility, Reference Drivers, Evaluation Applications for Windows and source code
Software kit for SPI includes Reference Drivers, Evaluation Applications for Linux and source code
EVB has provision to connect peripherals to GPIO signals of the module
Option to feed power through USB or DC jack (5V)
Option to select Power-On-Reset or Push-Button Reset


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RS9110-N-11-22 Evaluation Board -UART only