Graphics Display Controller 'Scarlet'

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MB86291A 'Scarlet' is an enhanced version of MB86290A 'Cremson', incorporating 16Mbit embedded SDRAM, video input functions and a geometry processor. The display layers concept, 2D/3D rendering functions and display controller features were inherited from the MB86290A 'Cremson' device.

Scarlet is optimized for applications in car navigation systems which require video input features, consumer information processing systems and arcade game applications.

Scarlet has a 16 Mbit, high bandwidth (100MHz) embedded SDRAM. External SDRAM devices are not required for graphic memory. The external video input unit can be used to capture video signals which conform to the standard RBT-ITU656 YUV4:2:2 format. Picture-in-picture functions are supported to display the video image (the W layer is dedicated to that purpose). A flexible video scaler is integrated to make it possible to adjust the dimensions of the video input format.

MB86291A 'Scarlet' incorporates a geometry processor capable of performing numeric calculations for graphics operations. It supports the following functions: Affine conversions, model-view-projections, 3D-clipping operations and others. All drawing functions, display list formats and software functions are compatible to those of the MB86290A 'Cremson' device. An additional RGB digital interface offers flexibility for different display connections.



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CMOS 0.25m technology
Display resolutions up to 1024x768
4 layers of overlay display (bottom 2 layers can both be split into separate segments)
Digital video input
Video Scaler
I2C interface
Geometry processor
RGB analog output (high speed DAC)
RGB digital output (8bit x 3)
2D/3D graphics acceleration
Built-in alpha blending, anti-aliasing and chroma-keying
Embedded 16Mbit SDRAM graphic memory
Configurable CPU interface for FR30, SH3, SH4, V83x CPU's
Supply voltage 3.3V (I/O), 2.5V (Internal)
QFP-208 Package
Temperature range -30 to +85 C

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Graphics Display Controller 'Scarlet'