Graphic Display Controller - MB86276 "Lime"

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Fujitsu's MB86276 'Lime's external video input accepts data that is compliant to the following standards: RBT-ITU656, RBT-ITU601 and RGB666. This allows video signals from various sources to be displayed together with generated graphics. The video input unit is capable of accepting PAL or NTSC video format signals from TV tuners, DVD players or cameras. In addition, rendered graphics from any other graphics display controller can be used as an RGB input source. Incoming video signals can be freely scaled in any direction (up or down) to be displayed as picture-in-picture or as a full screen layer. Contrast, brightness and saturation controls are implemented to be able to adjust incoming camera signals. Video pictures of any format can be read from the capture buffer to make them available for graphics post-processing or to be read out by the connected host processor.

One of MB86276 'Lime's unique features is its dual display mode capability. The device can simultaneously drive two individual displays that are connected. The displays must have the same resolution, scan rate and identical sync signals and can be attached to the Lime in either dual or multiplexed mode. This functionality makes it possible to realize all kinds of dual display applications, such as rear-seat entertainment systems or dual monitor control units. In dual display mode, each layer can be programmed to appear on display 1, display 2 or on both.



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CMOS 0.18μm technology
Display resolutions up to 1024x768
Dual Display output capability
6 layers of overlay display (windows)
Alpha Plane
Digital Video input (various formats including native RGB)
Video scaler (up/down scaling)
Brightness, Contrast and Saturation Control
I2C interface
Geometry processor
RGB digital output (8bit x 3)
RGB analog output
2D/3D graphics acceleration
Alpha blending, anti-aliasing and chroma-keying
External 133MHz SDRAM/FCRAM interface for up to 64MB graphic memory
PCI 32-bit V2.1 host interface with enhanced bandwidth
GPIO inputs/outputs
Serial interface
Supply voltage 3.3V (I/O), 1.8V (Internal)
BGA-256 Package
Temperature range -40 to +85 C


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