TMC457 Evaluation Board

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The TMC457-EVAL is designed to evaluate the TMC457 high-end motion control chip in combination with a TMC246 stepper motor driver or with a Piezo LEGS® piezo motor from PiezoMotor®.

• USB 2.0 interface
• Optional RS232 interface (use 1:1 cable)
• Step / Direction input and output (3.3V level)
• 2 or 3-channel incremental encoder (5V) input
• Two stop or reference switch inputs

• Evaluation software for exploring of the TMC457 with direct register access
• Optional TMCL software allows comfortable and simple writing of stand-alone test applications
• USB driver provided
• Source code of the ARM7 processor software is provided to allow access to TMC457 via PC

• S-shaped and linear ramps with on-the-fly alteration of all parameters
• Programmable high resolution sequencer with (12 bit, 8192 entry) micro step look-up table
• Incremental encoder interface with flexible up- and down scaling to match drive resolution
• Fast and stable easyPIDTM PID controller
• 32 bit registers – from mHz to MHz / from nanometer to meter
• Reference switch processing / virtual stop switches (programmable soft limits)
• Step / direction output (with programmable timing)
• Position pulse output to trigger external events
• Synchronization of multiple axis via scalable step / direction input
• Direct interface for TMC246/TMC249 family stepper motor drivers supports StallGuard™ (pat.)
• ChopSync™ (pat. fil.) built in for best motor velocity range
• Analog high resolution motor driver control via external dual 12 bit DAC
• Automatic load angle dependent current control for energy saving
Types of Motors
• Two phase stepper motors (direct support via on-board TMC246 with up to 1.5A)
• PiezoMotors (direct sequencer support for PiezoMotors PiezoLEGS® motor)
• Any type of motor via step/direction interface (3.3V digital outputs)


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The board combines an ARM7 processor with the TMC457 motion controller
Stepper motor driver TMC246A with StallGuard sensorless stall detection and ChopSync operation for up to 1A RMS motor current
Sub-micrometer positioning using piezo motor (Motor not provided)
Active stabilization with incremental encoder and fast PID regulator
Motor operation with up to 2048 microsteps via 8192 entry 12 bit table
Optional incremental encoder feedback operation
Supply voltage 12 to 34V, with internal 48V step up converter for piezo motor (optional use)


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