Class 1 Bluetooth Module with internal antenna and iWRAP 4.0 firmware. Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR

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WT11 is a next-generation, class 1, Bluetooth 2.1 + EDR module. It introduces three times faster data rates compared to the existing Bluetooth 1.2 modules even with a lower power consumption. WT11 is a highly integrated and sophisticated OEM Bluetooth module, containing all the necessary elements from Bluetooth radio antenna to a fully implemented protocol stack. Therefore WT11 provides an ideal solution for developers who want to integrate Bluetooth wireless technology into their designs with limited knowledge of embedded Bluetooth and RF technologies.
WT11 module combined with Bluegiga’s complete development, testing and verification services and excellent developer support; OEMs and designers ensure that their products reach the market rapidly and cost-efficiently in relation to time and resources. Bluegiga has extensive in-house knowledge of both software and hardware, offering customers a single point of contact to all internal Bluetooth related issues.
By default, WT11 module is equipped with powerful and easy-to-use iWRAP firmware. iWRAP enables users to access Bluetooth functionality with simple ASCII commands delivered to the module over serial interface.
With iWRAP software you have several implementation options:
  • iWRAP can be configured to operate autonomously, - as a Bluetooth cable replacer
  • To create sophisticated applications - a host system can be used to control iWRAP with ASCII commands
  • The GPIO interface in WT11 module can be used to connect host and iWRAP
Besides the iWRAP firmware, Bluegiga also offers several other firmware options for WT11 module. Standard Host Command Interface (HCI) firmware is supported and an ideal solution for systems where the host system is capable of running the entire Bluetooth stack and profiles and WT11 is utilized as the physical radio over UART or USB interface.


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Bluetooth Class 1 fully qualified module with CE and FCC
Two antenna options: internal chip antenna (-A) or U.FL connector (-E)
Enhanced Data Rates (EDR) with data throughput up to 2-3Mbps
Adaptive Frequency Hopping (AFH) and 802.11 co-existence
USB version 2.0 compliant
UART with bypass mode
8MB of integrated flash memory
Supported profiles: SPP, HFP, HFP-AG, OBEX OPP and DUN
Industrial temperature range from -40C to +85C
RoHS compliant
Pin-to-pin compatible with Bluegiga WT12 module
Simple iWRAP firmware for controlling Bluetooth wireless technology


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