Trinamic CoolStep driver for external MOSFETs, QFN32

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The Trinamic TMC262 family is an energy efficient two phase stepper motor driver for high resolution microstepping applications. It integrates a low resonance chopper spreadCycle for quiet and fast motor operation. Its step and direction interface allows simple use. An SPI interface allows for parameterization and diagnostics and also can be used to fully control both coil currents. The Trinamic TMC262 directly drives four external N/P channel dual MOSFETs for motor currents up to 8A and up to 60V. Protection and diagnostic features further reduce system cost and increase reliability.

  • Precision two phase stepper motor drives 
  • Stage lighting 
  • Medical applications 
  • Optical applications 
  • Robotics


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Up to 256 microsteps using the step/direction interface or a 20 Bit SPI interface
High precision sensorless motor load measurement stallGuard2
Energy efficiency and coolness by automatic load dependant motor current regulation coolStep: Save up to 75% of energy!
Internal microstep extrapolation allows 256 microstep smoothness with low frequency step input
Dual edge step option allows half step frequency requirement, e.g. for opto-couplers
Up to 8A Motor current using external N&P channel MOSFET pairs (TMC262)
Synchronous rectification reduces transistor heating
9V to 60V operating voltage
3.3V or 5V interface
QFN32 package for extremely small solution with superior thermal performance
EMV optimized current controlled gate drivers up to 40mA gate current
Overcurrent, short to GND and overtemperature protection and diagnostics integrated


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Trinamic Application Note
Trinamic Application Note
Trinamic Application Note
Trinamic Application Note
Trinamic Application Note
Trinamic Application Note

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