One Time Programmable 2.4GHz ULP Wireless SOC

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Ultra low power wireless system-on-chip solution
The nRF24LE1 OTP is a unique solution offering a complete ultra low power (ULP) wireless system-on-chip (SoC) solution. It integrates the industry best nRF24L01+ 2.4GHz transceiver core, an enhanced 8051 microcontroller, OTP memory and a wide range of analog and digital peripherals.

The 8-bit microcontroller is powerful enough to run both the RF protocol stack and the application layer, enabling a true single chip implementation of ULP wireless applications.

Optimized for ultra low power wireless
Advanced power management and on-chip peripherals
The nRF24LE1 OTP is optimized to provide a single chip solution for ULP wireless applications. The combination of processing power, memory, low power oscillators, real-time counter, AES encryption accelerator, random generator, plus a range of power saving modes provides an ideal platform for implementation of RF Protocols. Benefits include tighter protocol timing, security, lower power consumption and improved co-existence performance. For the application layer the nRF24LE1 offers a rich set of peripherals including: SPI, 2-wire, UART, 6 to 12-bit ADC, PWM, and an ultra low power analog comparator for voltage level system wake-up.

Three package sizes for different applications
Same core but different package and I/O count
The nRF24LE1 OTP comes in three different package variants:

- An ultra compact 4x4mm 24-pin QFN (7 generic I/O pins)
- A compact 5x5mm 32-pin QFN (15 generic I/O pins)
- A 7x7mm 48-pin QFN (29 generic I/O pins)

The 4x4mm 24-pin QFN with 7 generic I/O pins is ideal for low I/O count applications where small size is key. Examples include wearable sports sensors and watches. The 5x5mm 32-pin QFN with 15 generic I/O pins is ideal for medium I/O count applications such as wireless mice, remote controls and toys. The 7x7mm 48-pin QFN with 29 generic I/O pins is for high I/O count products like wireless keyboards.

A complete development platform
For firmware and hardware engineers
The nRF24LE1 OTP is supported by a complete development platform enabling designers to easily develop hardware and firmware for the chip. The platform comprises three key elements: the nRFgo Starter Kit, the nRF24LE1 Development Kit (flash version) and the nRFgo Flash/OTP Programming Adapter Kit.

The development kit for the nRF24LE1 OTP is the same as for the nRF24LE1 (flash version), documentation is available on how to develop firmware on the flash version that works on the nRF24LE1 OTP. The nRFgo Flash/OTP Programming Adapter Kit is a plug-in for the nRFgo Starter Kit that enables both programming of blank un-mounted and mounted nRF24LE1 OTP parts


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nRF24L01+ 2.4 GHz transceiver (250 kbps, 1 Mbps and 2 Mbps air data rates)
Fast microcontroller (8051 compatible)
16 kB program memory (on-chip OTP)
1 kB data memory (on-chip RAM)
1 kB OTP data memory
AES encryption HW accelerator
16-32 bit multiplication/division co-processor (MDU)
6-12 bit ADC
High flexibility IOs
Serves a set of power modes from ultra low power to a power efficient active mode
5x5mm 32-pin QFN package


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