SiI3132 PCI Express to 2-Port Serial ATA IIHost Controller


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The manufacturer has given a notification of intent to discontinue this product. The last time buy order date for this product is November 7, 2018. Please see the discontinuation notice attached below in the Documents section.

Building on the proven architecture of Silicon Image’s industry-leading host controllers, the SiI 3132™ is a single-chip, one-lane PCI Express to 2-port Serial ATA (SATA) II host controller that brings server-class features to the desktop. The x1 PCI Express interface allows the device to connect to the latest motherboards that take advantage of this high-speed serial interface.



The SiI 3132 also supports all Serial ATA II features, including 3.0 Gbps SATA II transfer speeds, Native Command Queuing, port multipliers with FIS-based switching, programmable output signal swing strengths for longer external cables or extended backplanes, hot plugging, enclosure management and ATAPI device support.

Users of the SiI 3124 can easily migrate to the SiI 3132 because its driver structure is similar to that of the SiI 3124. The SiI 3132 offers the best SATA price/performance and is both flexible and robust for today’s demanding storage applications. When connectivity to more than two devices is required, a port multiplier device such as the SiI 3726 can be used with the SiI 3132.

With the SiI 3132, Silicon Image provides customers with drivers for the Windows and Linux operating systems for both RAID and non-RAID operations. Software RAID 0 (striping) and RAID 1 (mirroring) functions are supported through Silicon Image's SATARaid™ RAID management software utility when each port is connected to a single hard drive. When used with a SATA port multiplier, Software RAID 0, RAID 1, RAID 10 (mirrored stripe) and RAID 5 (parity RAID) are supported.

The SiI 3132 leverages much of the circuit innovation at the physical layer of Silicon Image’s proprietary reduced overhead Multi-layer Serial Link (MSL™) architecture, pioneered and proven through its PanelLink® products and extended to the SATALink and Fibre Channel SerDes storage products. MSL technology is a multi-layer approach to providing cost-effective, multi-gigabit semiconductor solutions on a single chip for high-bandwidth applications.


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Supports one-lane, 2.5 Gbps PCI Express
Compliant with PCI Express 1.0a specification
Supports hot plug for ExpressCard applications
All registers appear in unified memory space
All registers accessible through I/O space
Full-chip command-completion status accessible with single PCI Express access
Integrated Serial ATA Transport, Link and PHY logic
Compliant with Serial ATA 1.0a specification with support for full complement of SATA II optional features
Supports 2nd-generation Serial ATA II transfer rate of 3.0 Gbps
Plesiochronous, single PLL architecture, with one PLL for two ports
Signal output amplitude control for external SATA
Supports two independent Serial ATA channels
31 commands and scatter/gather tables per port on-chip
Protocol override per command
Staggered spin-up control
Spread spectrum support


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