PoE Eval Board for AG5500 PoE module

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The Silvertel EVALAG5500 PoE evaluation board will work with sutiable PoE Ultra Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) that supplies the power over the spare pair and or the data pair. It is suitable for use with our PoE Ultra 60W modules the Ag5500.
The EVALAg5500 evaluation board can be powered using the spare pair in the CAT5e cable (pins 4 & 5 and pins 7 & 8), and / or over the data pair through on-board IEEE802.3at compliant magnetics.  The AG5500 module is included.

The input data and power is supplied to the board through connector J1. The data is passed through to the peripheral equipment via J2, with the power form the Ag5500 module is supplied via J3 to J7 (see Figure 1 & 4).

The EVALAg5500 on-board bridge rectifiers will ensure that the correct input polarity is applied to the Ag5500.

There are two LED’s that indicates which input is applying the power (the silk screen on the PCB shows which pair SPARE or DATA). These can be disabled by removing the jumper links LK2 (Data) and LK4 (Spare), removing these links does not affect the power being delivered to the Ag5500. Before using the EVALAg5500 evaluation board, it is important to setup the output configuration jumpers for the product that is going to be use.

Below shows the basic set up using the POE evaluation board with a High Power Midspan or Endspan.



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Silvertel Datasheet
Silvertel EVALAG5500 User Manual

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