3-axis controller QFN32

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The TMC429 is a miniaturized high performance stepper motor controller with a unique price / performance ratio for both, high volume automotive and for demanding industrial motion control applications. Once initialized, the TMC429 controls up to three 2-phase stepper motors. Its low price makes it attractive also for applications, where only one or two stepper motors have to be controlled simultaneously.

The TMC429 performs all real time critical tasks autonomously. Thus a low cost microcontroller is sufficient to perform the tasks of initialization, application specific interfacing, and to specify target
positions and velocities. The TMC429 allows on-the-fly change of all motion target parameters also during motion. Any other parameter may be changed at any time– also during motion –which does not
make sense in any case, but this uniform access to any TMC429 register simplifies application programming. Read-back option for all internal registers simplifies programming. With its internal
position counters, the TMC429 can perform up to 223 steps respectively micro steps fully independent from the microcontroller. The step resolution– individually programmable for each stepper motor –
ranges from full step (1 ‘’micro step’’ is one full step), half step (2 ‘’micro steps’’ per full step), up to 6 bit micro stepping (64 micro steps per full step) for precise positioning and noiseless stepper motor
rotation (Table 9-8, page 29). Optionally, the micro step table– common for all motors –can be adapted to motor characteristics to further reduce torque ripple.

The TMC429 has got serial interfaces for communication with the microcontroller and for the stepper motor drivers. The serial interface for the microcontroller uses a fixed length of 32 bits with a simple
protocol, directly connecting to SPITM interfaces. The serial interface to the stepper motor drivers is flexibly configurable for different types– even from different vendors –with up to 64 bit length for the
SPI daisy chain. TRINAMIC smart power stepper motor drivers TMC236, TMC239 and TMC246, TMC249 perfectly fit to the TMC429. Without additional hardware, drivers with same serial interface
polarities of chip select and clock signals may be mixed in a single chain. To mix drivers with different serial interface polarities, additional inverters (e.g. 74HC04, 74HC14) are required. For those driver
chips without serial data output, two additional variants of the TMC429 with two additional chip select outputs are available. The TMC429 sends data to the driver chain on demand only, which minimizes
the interface traffic and reduces the power consumption.


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Controls up to three stepper motors
Serial 4-wire interface for μC with easy-to-use protocol
Configurable interface for SPI motor drivers
Step / Direction (S/D) interface
Different types of SPI stepper motor driver chips may be mixed within a single daisy chain
Communication on demand minimizes traffic to the SPI stepper motor driver chain
Programmable SPI data rates up to 1 Mbit/s
Wide range for clock frequency can use CPU clock up to 32 MHz
Internal 24 bit wide position counters
Full step frequencies up to 20 kHz
Read-out facility for actual motion parameters (position, velocity, acceleration) and driver status
Individual micro step resolution of {64, 32, 16, 8, 4, 2, 1} micro steps via built-in sequencer
Programmable 6 bit micro step table with up to 64 entries for a quarter sine-wave period
Built-in ramp generators for autonomous positioning and speed control
On-the-fly change of target motion parameters (like position, velocity, acceleration)
Automatic acceleration dependent current control (power boost)
Low power operation: Only 1.25mA @ 4 MHz (typ.)
Power down mode with transparent wake-up for normal operation
3.3V or 5V operation with CMOS / TTL compatible IOs (all inputs Schmitt-Trigger)
Available in ultra small 16 pin SSOP package, small 24 pin SOP package, and 32 pin QFN 5x5mm


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Trinamic Application Note
Trinamic Application Note
Trinamic Application Note

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