3-Channel Sin/Cos Photosensor Array

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The iC-LSHC photosensor is a general purpose optoelectronic scanner made to suit a variety of encoding applications, such as rotary and linear encoders used for motion control, robotics, brushless DC motor commutation, power tools etc.

iC-LSHC features 12 monolithically integrated photosensors with active areas of 800μm x 330μm each. A high transimpedance gain of typically 1MΩ generates output signals of a few hundret Millivolts already from  illumination levels of typ. 1.7mW/cm². In most cases no additional measures must be considered to filter for noise and interferences.

Sine/cosine encoders are the typical application for iC-LSHC. Its 3-track scanning features a set of 4 photosensors each per track, generating positive and negative going sine signals, as well as positive and negative going cosine signals. An excellent matching and common mode behavior of the differential signal paths is obtained by a paired amplifier design, reducing the needs for external signal calibration to an absolute minimum.

The spectral sensitivity range includes visible to near infrared light, with the maximum sensitivity being close to a wavelength of 680 nm. When using iCLSHC for encoder applications with typical disc and mask codes, a signal amplitude of approximately some 100mV is typical under low light conditions, for instance when iC-LSHC is illuminated at only 3.0mW/cm² by an 740nm LED.

iC-Haus iC_LSHCOBGA_001


• Optical position encoding from analog sine/cosine signals
• Incremental encoders with interpolation
• Absolute position encoders using nonius scales

Symmetry Electronics (and its e-commerce division: SemiconductorStore.com) is an authorized iC-Haus distributor.


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Monolithic array of independent photosensors with excellent matching
Compact photosensor size of 800μm x 330μm enabling smaller encoder systems
Moderate alignment tolerance due to a track pitch of 1.08mm
Ultra low dark currents for operation to high temperature
Low noise amplifiers with high transimpedance of typ. 1MΩ
Short-circuit-proof, low impedance voltage outputs for enhanced EMI tolerance
Low power consumption from single 5 V supply
Operational temperature range of -40C to +110C (optional +125C)
Space saving optoBGA and optoQFN package (RoHS compliant)
Available options: - reticle assembly, code discs; - customized COB modules

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