13-Bit Signal Conditioning Interpolator with BiSS C

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IC-NQC TSSOP20 ET-40/125

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Product Information

iC-NQC is a monolithic A/D converter which, by applying a count-safe vector follower principle, converts sine/cosine sensor signals with a selectable resolution and hysteresis into angle position data.

This absolute value is output via a bidirectional, synchronous-serial I/O interface in BiSS C protocol and trails a master clock rate of up to 10 Mbit/s.  Alternatively, this value can be output so that it is compatible with SSI in Gray or binary code, with or without error bits.  The device also supports double transmission in SSI ring mode.

Signal periods are logged quickly by a 24-bit period counter that can supplement the output data with an upstream multiturn position value.






Resolution of up to 8,192 angle steps per sine period
Binary and decimal resolution settings, e.g. 500, 512, 1000, 1024; programmable angle hysteresis
Count-safe vector follower principle, real-time system with 70 MHz sampling rate
Conversion time of just 250 ns including amplifier settling
Direct sensor connection; selectable input gain
Input frequency of up to 250 kHz
Signal conditioning for offset, amplitude and phase
A/B quadrature signals of up to 2 MHz with adjustable minimum transition distance
Zero signal processing, adjustable in index position and width
Absolute angle output via fast serial interface (BiSS, SSI)
Permanent bidirectional memory access to parameters and OEM data by BiSS C
Period counting with up to 24 bits
Error monitoring of frequency, amplitude and configuration
Device setup from serial EEPROM or using BiSS
ESD protection and TTL-/CMOS-compatible outputs


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13-Bit Signal Conditioning Interpolator with BiSS C