MEM TMS320VC549PGE-100 100 MHZ


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The TMS320VC549 fixed-point, digital signal processor (DSP) (hereafter referred to as the 549) is based on an advanced modified Harvard architecture that has one program memory bus and three data memory buses. The processor also provides an arithmetic logic unit (ALU) that has a high degree of parallelism, application-specific hardware logic, on-chip memory, and additional on-chip peripherals. The 549 also utilizes a highly specialized instruction set, which is the basis of its operational flexibility and speed.


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Advanced Multibus Architecture With Three Separate 16-Bit Data Memory Buses and One Program Memory Bus
40-Bit Arithmetic Logic Unit (ALU) Including a 40-Bit Barrel Shifter and Two Independent 40-Bit Accumulators
Arithmetic Instructions With Parallel Store and Parallel Load
Conditional Store Instructions
Fast Return From Interrupt
Data Bus With a Bus Holder Feature
On-Chip ROM with Some Configurable to Program/Data Memory


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MEM TMS320VC549PGE-100 100 MHZ
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MEM TMS320VC549PGE-100 100 MHZ