Development Kit for nRF8001 Bluetooth low energy IC

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Please consider the latest version - NRF52-DK or NRF52840-PDK

The Nordic nRF6700 Starter Kit is required for the nRF51822-DVK to operate.

When used in conjunction with the Nordic nRFgo Starter Kit, the nRF8001 Development Kit enables engineers to do evaluation, application prototyping, and firmware development with the nRF8001 Bluetooth® low energy Connectivity IC.

The kit includes an nRF8001 radio module, an nRFgo carrier card with an nRF8200 application microcontroller, and a Bluetooth low energy master emulator board. The nRF8200 is an 8-bit flash microcontroller providing a reference platform for application software development based on the nRF8001. By connecting the nRF8001 module to the nRFgo carrier board with nRF8200, engineers can easily run example code included in the nRF8001 SDK and prototype complete applications.

The master emulator connects to a PC via USB to provide a master peer device for the nRF8001 and enable monitoring and control of a peer-to-peer Bluetooth low energy wireless connection.

The nRF8001 Development Kit also supports application development using 3rd party application microcontrollers by simply connecting the nRF8001 radio module to the 3rd party microcontroller development kit using patch cables. The nRF8001 SDK is also designed to be easily portable to 3rd party microcontrollers.

  • 1x nRF8001 radio modules with PCB antenna
  • 1x nRF8001 radio module with SMA connector
  • 1x nRFgo carrier board with nRF8200 application microcontroller
  • 1x Bluetooth low energy master emulator
  • 5x nRF8001 samples
  • CD with software (nFRgo SDK and nRFgo Studio) and documentation
  • Getting Started Guide



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nRFgo compatible evaluation, prototyping and firmware development solution for the nRF8001 Bluetooth low energy Connectivity IC
Master emulator for control and monitoring of a peer-to-peer Bluetooth low energy wireless connection
nRF8200 8-bit flash application microcontroller reference platform for application prototyping and development
Supports development using 3rd party application microcontrollers


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Datasheet for nRF8001

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