BLE112 Bluetooth low energy single mode module with U.FL connector

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Product Information

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BLE112 Bluetooth low energy module by Bluegiga  is a single mode device targeted for low power sensors and accessories. BLE112 offers all Bluetooth low energy features: radio, stack, pro" les and application space for customer applications, so external processor is not needed. The module also provides  exible hardware interfaces to connect sensors, simple user interfaces or even displays directly to the module.    

In-module software development can be done with Bluegiga’s BG Pro" IE Toolkit™ offering environment for rapid Bluetooth product development. Bluegiga’s BG Script™ enables developers to automate in-module software functions making Bluetooth low energy application development extremely simple.

BLE112 can be powered directly with a standard 3V coin cell battery or pair of AAA batteries. In lowest power sleep mode it consumes only 400nA and will wake up in few hundred microseconds.

Bluetooth Low Energy Features
  •   Bluetooth 4.0 single mode compliant radio
  •   Master and slave mode support
  •   L2CAP, GAP, ATT and GATT support
  •   Security manager
  •   Advertising, broadcasting, connections
  •   Built-in profiles
Hardware Features
  •   Bluetooth low energy radio
  •   Integrated antenna, U.FL connector or RF pin
  •   8051 microcontroller
    • 8 kB RAM
    • 128kB flash
  •   1-2 x UART
  •   1-2 x SPI
  •   USB 2.0 device
  •   3 x PWM
  •   3 x timer
  •   Analog comparator
  •   Integrated op-amp
  •   Integrated battery monitor and temperature sensor
  •   GPIO and AIO

Electrical Characteristics
  •   Transmit : 27mA (0 dBm)
  •   Receive:  19.6mA
  •   Sleep (timer active): 1.5uA
  •   Sleep (wake-up pin):  0.4uA
  •   Operating voltage: 2.0-3.6V



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Bluetooth 4.0, single mode compliant
  • Supports master and slave modes
  • 4+ simultaneous connection in master mode
Integrated Bluetooth low energy stack: GAP, GATT, L2CAP, SMP; Bluetooth low energy profiles
Flexible and simple in-module development: BG Profile Toolkit, BG Script or C language
Radio performance: TX power: +4 dBm to -23dBm ; RX sensitivity: -87dBm to -93dBm
Ultra low current consumption: Transmit: 27mA (0 dBm) ; Sleep mode 3: 0.4uA
Programmable 8051 processor for embedding full applications
Bluetooth end product, CE, FCC and IC and Telec quali


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