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The FRC94x9S represents the 6th generation of high-end flat panel dispay processors. The vector based 100/120/200/240Hz full-HD technology from Trident brings unprecendented reality to any display. Two main weaknesses of present-day LCDs are motion blur and film judder. By using truD Full-HD100/120/200/240 you will experience the clearest and smoothest picture ever.

PDP in addition creates large area flicker, which can be eliminated by enhancing the display frame rate to levels above 60 Hz. Trident's unique Real Motion®FHD, as part of the truD® Full HD 100/120/200/240 bundle, removes film judder up to Full-HD 240 Hz, by inserting motioninterpolated frames. This virtually removes motion blur on high-end 100/120/200/240 Hz 1080p LCD TVs and film judder on any display technology as LCD/PDP/OLED. 

A block diagram of the FRC 94x9S is shown below. The LVDS I/O interfaces support highly flexible frontend and back-end configurations. Additionally a V-By-One output Interface and a LVDS splitter function support a low system cost for 240Hz applications. The video input signals are always stored in the memory. A frame-rate interpolation follows the motion estimation and compensation functions. System use cases and picture quality parameters are controlled over a high-level command interface through the system CPU. The built-in 8-bit microcontroller with embedded firmware supports the self-sustaining operation of the FRC-S. Full-HD, very high frame rate displays, up to 240 Hz are supported in synchronized 2 × FRC-S parallel mode.



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Motion blur removal technique that supports FHD (1080p) 100/120/200/240 Hz flat-panel displays
Real MotionFHD film de-judder with extended horizontal and vertical panning speed range
Vector-based motion compensated frame-rate conversion from 50p/60p sources to 100/120/200/240p
Support of WCG (Wide Color Gamut) and x.v.Color to extend the color space
End-to-end Full-HD 10-bit video processing (1920x1080)
4:2:2 internal processing and 4:4:4 PC/gaming mode
Dual 10 bit LVDS input and quadruple 10 bit LVDS output
4-Channel V-By-One Output
Fast and reliable film mode detection
OSD masking for halo free boarders
Split-screen mode for easy demo in retail
Spread-spectrum clock system


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