Quad output Point Of Load (POL) converter

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The Ag7040 is a four output non isolating DC-DC converter in a single compact module. The module is available in Single in Line (SIL) format. The module has a 12V input and this is regulated to give four separate output voltages. The output voltages are programmable between 0.8V to 5.5V.

The ‘switch on’ of these output rails can be sequenced to insure the correct power-on procedure for your product. The module provides a Power Good line, signalling all voltages are on and also a Power Disable line to disable all outputs.

The module provides one high power output that will be capable of providing up to 6A and three standard outputs that can provide up to 3A each. The Ag7040 can handle up to 60W of input power which is shared across all the outputs. Each rail has single ended remote sensing to compensate for voltage drops in the positive rail tracking.

The Ag7040 is one of a family of converters offering exceptional power density, low noise performance, high efficiency with Silvertel’s exceptional reliability and ease of use. This module is aimed at embedded applications where space, reliability and cost are important.



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Four Independently Programmable Outputs
High Efficiency >95%
60 Watts Input Power
Programmable Output Voltage (0.8V to 5.5V)
Single In Line (SIL) Module
Output Short Circuit Protection
Programmable Sequencing
Remote Voltage Sensing (for PoL Applications)
Over Current Protection
Output Disable
Power Good Output
Silvertel design-in assistance


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