Angular Hall Encoder with Sin/Cos Outputs

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IC-MHA QFN28-5x5

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Product Information

The iC-MHA is an integrated Hall device for sensing the angular position of a diametral magnet.  With the internal signal conditioning, sine and cosine components of the magnetic field direction are available on buffered outputs. By using differential Hall sensors for both sine and cosine sensing, the device is insensitive to homogenious magnetic stray fields.
 To compensate for variations in magnetic working distance, temperature and drift, the differential output signals are regulated to 1 Vpp. The outputs are designed to drive differential resistive loads down to 100 Ω .


Sine/cosine differential outputs
Automatic gain control for 1 Vpp differential signal amplitude
Operating speed from DC to 20 000 RPM
Loss-of-magnet detection and error messaging
Differential sine and cosine output signals
Magnetic rotation speed up to 20,000 rpm
Low output offset supporting 10bit interpolation accuracy
Reasonable alignment tolerance
Automatic gain control for 0.8 to 1.2 Vpp output signal
Loss of magnet detection and error message indication
Extended temperature range of -40 to +125 C

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