PoE Eval Board for Ag9330 PoE module

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The Silvertel EVALAG9330 evaluation board will work with Power Sourcing Equipment (PSE) that supplies the power over the spare pair or the data pair with an auxiliary input as backup. It is suitable for use with the Silvertel Ag9330 Module.  The Ag9330S and AG9330D modules are included.
The EVALAG9330 evaluation board can be powered using PoE through J1. PoE can either apply power pins 4 & 5 and pins 7 & 8, or it can apply the power over pins 1 & 2 and pins 3 & 6. 
The EVALAG9330 evaluation  board is compatible with both of these methods. The PoE power is extracted from the centre taps of T1, which is IEEE802.3at compliant (749022015 from Wurth). 
If LED2 is illuminated then there is power on one of the PoE inputs. If PoE in not available, the Ag9330 can be powered from one of the two auxiliary inputs.  
The first auxiliary input can be connected to an ac power supply (20Vac to 40Vac) via the AUX AC connector J8 .If LED4 is illuminated then there is power on the AUX AC input. 
The second auxiliary input can be connected to a dc power supply (7Vdc to 15Vdc) via J6 (positive) & J7 (negative). If LED5 is illuminated then there is power on the AUX DC input.

Below shows the full set up using the EVALAG9330 board to supply data and power to an Ethernet camera.



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Silvertel EVALAG9330 User Manual

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