RS780M e64 Chipset

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A high-performance embedded platform solution that packs HyperTransport™ 3.0 Technology1, PCI Express® Generation 2, DirectX® 10 and high definition hardware video decode into a solution targeted at high end embedded client applications.
The integrated ATI Radeon™ HD 3200 graphics with ATI AvivoTM HD technology provides excellent graphics performance for most embedded applications.  If additional graphics performance is necessary, ATI Hybrid CrossFireXTM technology2 can be leveraged to not only upgrade graphics performance but combine the performance of both the integrated ATI Radeon graphics and a discrete ATI Radeon graphics processor to substantially boost graphics performance.
Compatible with a range of AMD embedded processors including low power AMD AthlonTM X2 dual-core processors and very low power AMD Athlon single-core processors, this solution enables a single design to support a wide range of performance and power points.  For solutions that require more than two independent displays, additional discrete graphics cards can optionally be added to the system to support additional independent displays.
Applications can now leverage Cool’n’QuietTM technology and hardware video decode to perform tasks that previously were only available on power hungry solutions.  With typical solution power consumption starting below 15 Watts3, even the most power sensitive applications can take advantage of the processing and graphics performance available in this solution. 


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For use with Embedded AMD Athlon Single and Dual-Core Processors from 8W to 35W
Designed to also be compatible with Quad-Core AMD Phenom Processors
Up to 128MB DDR3 dedicated frame buffer (sideport memory) for optimizations in power savings and video decoding
Operating System Support for Windows Vista, Windows XP and XPe, and Linux


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AMD e64 Chipset 100-CG1945 Product Brief

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RS780M e64 Chipset
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RS780M e64 Chipset