A55E G-Series Controller Hub with Ethernet MAC, PCI bus, RAID 0,1,5,10,

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The AMD Embedded G-Series processor is the world’s first integrated circuit to combine a low-power CPU and a discrete-level GPU into a single embedded Accelerated Processing Unit (APU).  This unprecedented level of graphics integration builds a new foundation for high performance multi-media content delivery in a small form factor and power efficient platform for a broad range of embedded designs. Based on a power-optimized core, the AMD Embedded G-Series platform delivers levels of performance in a compact BGA package that is ideal for low power designs in embedded applications such as Digital Signage, x86 Set-Top Box (xSTB), IP-TV, Thin Client, Information Kiosk, Point-of-Sale, Casino Gaming, Media Servers, and Industrial Control Systems.
The AMD G-Series platform is a flexible solution that in the same package offers scalable choices for the level of CPU performance, power efficiency, and visual experience. The AMD G-T16R APU with an average power of only 2.3 Watts enables very small form factor, fan-less and portable applications. APU configurations are available with single or dual x86 cores, at 4.5W, 9W or 18W thermal design power (TDP), and two levels of graphics and video performance.  Each APU supports single or dual-independent high resolution displays and exceptional multi-media capability with hardware decode support for H.264, VC-1, MPEG2, WMV, DivX  Flash. When paired with the AMD A50M controller huband Adobe® with support for advanced interfaces such as 6Gb/s SATA, , and HD Audio, the AMD G-SeriesGeneration 2 PCI Express® platform delivers a low power, value-oriented solution for applications requiring a better balance of CPU and multimedia performance. For high-end, full- featured platforms, the AMD A55E controller hub is an alternative pairing choice with added features of Gigabit Ethernet MAC, RAID (0/1/5/10) support with FIS-based switching, and PCI local bus support.         
GPU is capable of different resolution support.Internet Ready IP-TV and Set-Top Box. Depending on the model and the respective thermal TDP, the technologies and is ideal for Thin Client, Digital Signage, Smart Kiosk/Point-of-Sales, Casino Gaming, The AMD Embedded G-Series APU family supports dual independent display with different display.


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DirectX 11 support lets you enjoy awesome graphics performance, stunning 3D visual effects and dynamic interactivity.
Advanced discrete-level GPU with OpenGL 4.0 and OpenCL 1.1 support in an integrated device provides support to build the designs of tomorrow, today.
Unprecedented graphics performance/watt thru advanced graphics and hardware acceleration delivering over 3X performance per watt of previous generation1.
Selective models, T56N and T40N, have additional boost capability enabled by AMD Turbo Core technology without additional power draw.
The integration of the APU reduces the foot print of a traditional three-chip platform to two chips, the APU and its companion controller hub. This simplifies the design, requiring fewer board layers and a smaller power supply, further driving down system costs.
The AMD G-T16R APU with an average power of only 2.3 Watts2, enables very small form factor, fan-less and portable applications.


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AMD G-Series Product Brief

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