LX700 E32 Geode TDP 3.1W EEPROM

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The AMD Geode™ LX600@0.7W1, LX700@0.8W2, LX800@0.9W3 and LX900@1.5W4 processors deliver x86 power and versatility to applications for entertainment, business, education, and embedded markets. The LX900@1.5W processor is the most advanced AMD Geode LX processor for demanding embedded applications. This level of capability may not be needed for every application, but when premium performance is needed, the LX900@1.5W processor delivers. The AMD Geode LX processor’s integrated, innovative architecture is one of the most energy-efficient x86 solutions in the industry and can enable small form-factor designs and designs with improved battery life. 
The AMD Geode LX processor family offers new levels of performance and power versatility in an x86-based embedded processor.  The newest addition to the AMD Geode LX family, the LX600@0.7W consumes a maximum power of 2.8W (TDP) and 1.2W typically at 366MHz.  The LX700@0.8W consumes a maximum power of 3.1W (TDP) and 1.3W typically at 433MHz. The LX800@0.9W processor operates at a maximum power of 3.6W (TDP) and 1.8W is typical at 500MHz. The LX900@1.5W processon operates at a maximum power of 5.1W (TDP) and 2.6W is typical at 600MHz.
The AMD commitment to the x86 marketplace – with a range of high-performance products like the AMD Geode LX processors – helps give OEMs an easy and effective way to achieve product differentiation and shorten time-to-market cycles. AMD Geode LX processors are the next step in helping AMD redefine the way x86 processors address the growing need for versatile power and performance for a variety of consumer devices. It is the latest example of AMD’s commitment to make x86-based technology available for a variety of applications – from high-end servers to low-power embedded applications.   


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Natively run all Windows and Linux based applications
Full Internet browser experience on portable devices
No software porting needed - programs run without modification
Access to the full universe of 32-bit x86 software
Support for any type of connectivity


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AMD Geode Product Brief

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LX700 E32 Geode TDP 3.1W EEPROM
LX700 E32 Geode TDP 3.1W EEPROM