42DX EE e64 Opteron 4 Core 3.6 Ghz 40W Processor

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The AMD Opteron™ 4200 Series Embedded processor— the world’s lowest power processor, at fewer than 5 watts per core1—while designed for challenging embedded enterprise workloads still delivers a performance punch in a given system power budget and provides robust configurations in a platfor that leverages previous versions of AMD Opteron™ 4000 Series Embedded processors. 
Embedded enterprise applications—including telecommunications, storage, network and security appliances—need predictable multithreaded performance that is enhanced by the AMD Opteron™ 4200 Series Embedded processor using the "Bulldozer" architecture. This technology provides a 33% increase in core count and is able to maintain the compute density by using a smaller2, more efficient, 8-core design while maintaining th same power/thermal ranges.
The AMD Opteron™ 4200 Series Embedded processor utilizes AMD Turbo CORE technology, enabling processors to independently boost their clock speeds up to 300MHz-1GHz to respond automatically to the dynamic need for more application performance in embedded enterprise markets.
The AMD Opteron™ 4200 Series Embedded processor uses advanced power management techniques, such as TDP power gating, to more efficiently deliver a balance of performance an power and to allow more CPU nodes for overall system density.
Take budgets further, with affordable embedded processor choices from 1P to 2P, 4 to 8 cores and 35W to 95W TDP  power levels with up to seven years of planned longevity.
Telecom systems need to meet the stringent NEBS (Network Equipment Building System) environmental stress tests. One of the tests requires operation at 55°C ambient for 96 hours. The AMD Opteron™ 4200 Series embedded processors at a TDP of 35W and 65W is designed for ambient temperatures up to 55°C.
Network systems require high memory bandwidth and the AMD Opteron™ 4200 Series Embedded processor supports DDR3-1600 with a theoretical peak of 26GB/s bandwidth. This is a 20% improvement in peak memory bandwidth over the previous embedded AMD processor implementations which supported only DDR3-1333. For securing transactions and speeding encryption, AMD has added AES encryption acceleration to help streamline the security authentication processing. 
Storage appliances require high performance network connectivity and disk throughput and the AMD Opteron™ 4200 Series Embedded processor with the AMD SR56x0/SP5100 chipset provides tremendous I/O connectivity to PCIe® Gen 2 interfaces such as 10 Gigabit Ethernet, Infiniband, FCoE, and SAS.This data throughput can meet the I/O performance required by today’s systems, as well as tomorrow’s system demands.
The AMD Opteron™ 4200 Series Embedded processor is software compatible with previous generations of AMD Opteron™ processors and boasts improved AMD Virtualization™ (AMD-V™) technology features, which can help customers maximize embedded system efficienc, security and provide new innovative embedded system architectures. 
With 64-bit x86 application support and multi-core computing,  high memory bandwidth, and outstanding I/O performance in a consistent thermal envelope, many embedded designers are finding their next-generation systems can enable applicatio performance beyond their expectations.


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High compute performance with up to 8-cores using Straight-through Computing
Scalability up to 2 sockets or 16 cores
AMD Turbo CORE technology for increased performance by utilizing additional power headroom
Memory bandwidth with 2-channel DDR3 memory controller
Tremendous I/O bandwidth with three HyperTransport 3.0 technology links between processors and I/O
Software compatible with existing AMD Opteron processors
Platform compatibility with todays AMD Opteron 4100 Series processor solutions
Embedded longevity with AMD Embedded Solutions program


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