ENC / AEC for Peripheral

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Environmental Noise Cancellation (ENC) and Acoustics Echo Cancellation (AEC) SoC DSP Solutions for Mobile Phones/Handsets /Headsets/Tablet/Speakerphone.
World’s top performance Xear™ VoClear ENC dual omni-mic close-talk voice capturing technology
Speakerphone/Tablet/Car Kit/Smart TV
Cordless/DECT/VoIP Phone
Battery-Powered/Wireless Headset
USB/Wired Headset/Handset
Mobile Phones/Smart Phones


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Cancel uplink environmental noises up to ~40dB in roadside, restaurant, transportation, call center, or even Karaoke Pub!
Keep good fidelity of your voice
Optional AEC and mono-mic Noise Reduction
Advanced algorithm running on a small footprint DSP SOC (WLCSP-30)
Optimized for Auto Speech Recognition (ASR) applications

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ENC / AEC for Peripheral
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ENC / AEC for Peripheral