USB2.0 High-Speed stereo HD Audio controller (24bit/192KHz)(companion is CM9822A)

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Cmedia CM6610 is the world’s first USB2.0 high-speed audio processor that can support the latest USB Audio Device Class Definition V2.0 and 2-channel true high-definition audio and Line-In/Mic-In. CM6610 reference design integrates CM9822/A as the default codec to provide high-fidelity line output and headphone out up to 192KHz/24bit HD audio. It could also support 192KHz/24bit S/PDIF transmitter and receiver and also a USB2.0 MIDI I/O device for music creation applications. CM6610 has an embedded 8051 compatible microprocessor that can provide the best flexibility and functionality with the external upgradable 32KB NOR Flash ROM codes. With Cmedia versatile software technologies, CM6610 is a powerful audio core for high-value USB2.0 audio applications.
Flexible Descriptor Option by Firmware
Flexible Interface to Extent Application Field
Electrical Noise Immunity via USB Digital Link
High Definition Audio Playback and Recording (192KHz / 24bit)
Actual USB 2.0 Controller for PC and Consumer


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USB Compliance:
USB Specification Rev.2.0 High-speed/Full-speed Mode Compatible
Latest USB Audio Device Class Definition Release 2.0/1.0 Compatible (UAC V2.0)
USB Human Interface Device (HID) Class Definition Release 1.1 Compliant
Supports USB Suspend/Resume/Reset Functions
Supports Control, Interrupt, Bulk and Isochronous Data Transfers
Audio Engine:
Output Capability (With Cmedia CM9822/A HD Codec)
- 2-channel Output
- Sample Rate: 44.1K/48K/96K/192KHz (192KHz are Available Only in USB Audio Class 2.0/High-speed Mode)
- Bit Resolution: 16/24 bit
- Supports S/PDIF Output via CM9822/A Codec
Input Capability (With Cmedia CM9822/A HD Codec)
- Supported Sample Rate for ADC: 44.1K/48K/96/KHz/192KHz (96KHz /192KHz are Available Only in USB Audio Class 2.0/High-speed mode,CM9822A ADC supports 192KHz)
- Supported Bit Resolution for ADC : 16/24 bit (CM9822 ADC Supports Valid 20bit)
Audio I/O:
Integrated Intel HD-Audio Codec Compatible Controller Supports External HDA Codec
One Pair of USB MIDI I/O Interface for Pro-audio Application
Integrated 8051 Micro-processor:
Embedded 8051 Micro-processor to Handle the Comment/Protocol Transactions
Connects to an External Parallel Flash/EEPROM Memory (Max. 32KB) for Firmware ROM Codes
HID Interrupts can be Implemented via Firmware Codes
Provides Maximum H/W Configuration Flexibility with Firmware Code Upgrade
VID/PID/Product String can be Customized via Firmware Code Programming
Control Interface:
Slave I2C Control Interface for External Master Device Communication
Interrupt Pin for External Master Device Read Transaction
6 GPIO Pins
1 Dedicated Chip Reset Control Pin
Embedded USB2.0 Transceiver (Up to 480MB Bandwidth)
Auto Detection for High-speed/Full-speed
GPIO Pin for USB Audio Class 2.0 and 1.0 Application Mode Configuration
Only Single 12MHz Crystal Input is Required (Embedded PLL Function)
Only Single 3.3V Power Supply Required (Embedded 3.3V to 2.5V Regulator for Digital Core)
3.3V Digital I/O Pads with 5V Tolerance
Industrial Standard LQFP-64 Package


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