Telit CE910-DUAL-S CDMA/1xRTT module for Sprint


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Air Interface - CDMA 1xRTT
Frequency Bands - 800/1900MHz
USB 2.0: baud rate up to 12Mbps
Antenna - Primary antenna, 800/1900MHz
Data Service - CDMA 1xRTT: 153.6 Kbps (full-duplex)
Max. RF out power:
CDMA BC0: Power class 3 (24.5dBm) for 1xRTT
CDMA BC1: Power class 2 (24.5dBm) for 1xRTT
Typical conducted sensitivity:
CDMA BC0: Better than 108dBm
CDMA BC1: Better than 107dBm
Device dimensions:
28.2mm(L) x 28.2mm(W) x 2.4mm(T) : 2 shields
Weight - 4.7g (2 shields)
Operational temperature:
30 ~ +60C: The module is fully functional(*) in the entire temperature range and fully meets the 3GPP2 specifications.
30 ~ +85C: The module is fully functional(*) in the entire temperature range. Behavior outside the range of 30 ~ +60C might deviate from 3GPP2 specification.
(*)Functional: the module is able to make and receive voice calls, data calls, and SMS.
Storage temperature - 40 ~ +85C
Operating voltage - 3.4 ~ 4.2V
IO voltage - 1.8V
144 Land-Grid-Array interface
10 general I/O ports maximum including multi-functional I/Os
State LED output
1 A/D converter
Full RS232 CMOS UART: baud rate up to 4Mbps
Reserved two wires CMOS UART for debugging

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Part #: CE910-DUAL-S