PoE Eval Board for AG5600 PoE module

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The EVALAG5600 evaluation board can be powered from the EVALAg6600 evaluation board. Data and power are input through the connector J1 (see Figure 2). Data is passed through the data transformer (T1) to the data output connector J2. The power is extracted from the input centre taps of T1 and passed to the input of the Ag5600 after going through the polarity protection module U1.
The output power from the Ag5600 is supplied to the connectors JP1, JP2 and JP3, where JP2 provides the positive +24Vdc and JP3 provides the 0V return path.
When there is power connected to the EVALAg5600 board, then LED1 will be illuminated. LED2 will be illuminated when the Ag5600 module outputs +24Vdc. 
This evaluation board is designed to be used with the Ag5600 PoE module which is included.

Figure 4 shows the basic set up using the EVALAG5600 evaluation board along with the EVALAG6600 evaluation board with a power supply input to JP1.



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Silvertel Datasheet
Silvertel EVALAG5600 User Manual

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