Low-cost stepper driver for two-phase bipolar motors with low noise PWM chopper and stallGuard™

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The TMC248 driver for two-phase stepper motors offers a competitive feature set, including 64x micro-stepping, sensorless mechanical load measurement with stall detection, and smart current control. Standard SPI™ and communication via external analog / digital signals are available. The TMC248 drives eight external Low-RDS-ON high efficiency MOSFETs for motor currents up to 7A and up to 36V. Integrated protection and diagnostic features support robust and reliable operation. High integration and small form factor enable miniaturized designs with low external component count for costeffective and highly competitive solutions.

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High Current up to 7 A motor current using 4 external dual-MOS transistors.
Voltage Range 7 V 36 V DC
3.3 V or 5 V DC for digital part
SPI & External Analogue / Digital Signals
Microstep Resolution up to 64 microsteps per full step
Low Power Dissipation via low RDS-ON power stage
Protection: overvoltage, overtemperature & short circuit
Diagnostics: overcurrent, open load, overtemperature, temperature prewarning, and undervoltage
stallGuard sensorless stall detection and load measurement
Mixed Decay for smooth motor operation
Slope Control for reduced electromagnetic emissions
Current Control for cool motor and driver
Standby and Shutdown Mode
Smallest Size 5x5mm QFN28 package


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Trinamic Application Note
Trinamic Application Note
Trinamic Application Note
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Trinamic Supporting Documents