CM6500 + EQ + AGC + I2S I/F + iDevice F/W (One-way 2CH 24bit/96KHz)

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Product Information

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CM6523B is a USB 2.0 audio chip builds in 8051 for flexible applications. With internal 2-channel ADC and DAC, S/PDIF in/out interface and USB 2.0 High speed switch makes it suits for different kinds of Docking applications, such as iDevice docking, Android Phone or Tablet/Slate docking device and Netbook/Notebook docking.

CM6523B is compatible with USB audio Class 1.0, thus it can plug & play without additional software installation on the major operation systems. The internal DAC/ADC and S/PDIF out interface support 96K/88.2K/48K/44.1KHz sampling rate and 16/24bit resolution.

CM6523B integrates the Equalizer on both playback and recording paths. With I2S in/out interface, it can connect external DAC to get higher audio quality or external DSP to process the audio data.

Product Benefits:
• High Definition Audio Playback and Recording (96KHz / 24bit)
• Asynchronous synchronization transfer to reduce clock jiter
• Electrical Noise Immunity via USB Digital Link
• Flexible Interface to Extent Application Field
• Flexible Descriptor Option by Firmware

Cmedia CM6523B

Symmetry Electronics (and its e-commerce division: is an authorized Cmedia distributor.


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USB Compliance
- USB Spec. Rev.2.0 full-speed mode compatible
- 3 USB upstream ports for connecting to PC and IPOD at the same time
- Latest USB Audio Device Class Definition Release 1.0 compatible
- USB Human Interface Device (HID) Class Definition Release 1.1 compliant
- Supports USB suspend/resume/reset functions
- Supports control, interrupt, bulk, and isochronous data transfers
Audio Engine
- Playback Streams
- Capture Streams
Audio I/O
Integrated 8051 Micro-processor
Control Interface
HW pin for USB Audio Class 1.0 application mode configuration including Speaker/Headset/Docking/Mic
HW pin for A-A path enable/disable
HW pin for Self-power or Bus-power mode selection
HW EQ for both playback and record path
HW pin for EQ enable/disable selection
HW pin for PID selection
Only single 12MHz crystal input is required (embedded PLL function)
Single 5V power supply (embedded 5V to 1.8V regulator for digital core, 5V to 3.3V regulator for digital IO, 5V to 3.5V regulator for analog codec)
3.3V digital I/O pads with 5V tolerance
Industrial standard LQFP-128 package (14x14 mm)


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