CP957x Dual mode Port Processor Starter Kit

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Lattice Semiconductor (formerly Silicon Image) CP9575HDMI starter kit is for use with the SiI9573 and SiI9575 port processors. SiI9573 and SiI9575 are the latest generation HDMI® port processors that meet all of the HDMI processing requirements for Audio Video Receivers (AVRs), Home Theater in a Box (HTiB), and Digital TVs (DTVs). The port processor features many innovative technologies, such as InstaPort™ S, Mobile High-definition Link (MHL™), HDMI ViaPort Matrix Switching (the SiI9575 device only), and Audio Return Channel (ARC). The two devices are the same except where noted; SiI957n is used throughout this document to refer to both devices.
The SiI9575 port processor offers an extensive set of audio features including audio extraction and insertion. Audio from the active HDMI input, including High-bitrate (HBR) audio, is available at the main or sub-HDMI output. Additionally, a 2-channel I2S or an S/PDIF input receives PCM or bit stream audio from an audio DSP or DTV SoC, and outputs to either the main or sub-HDMI output, or both.
Both ARC receiver and transmitter are supported. Either the main or sub-HDMI output can receive ARC from a DTV. Two of the six HDMI inputs can transmit ARC to an AVR or a sound bar.
Two HDMI input ports also support MHL; this allows consumers to attach their mobile devices to the AVR or DTV and view high-definition content while the AVR or DTV charges the mobile device battery.
The SiI9575 device supports two HDMI output ports and enables HDMI ViaPort Matrix Switching. While the main HDMI output selects one of the HDMI inputs, the second HDMI output can select another HDMI input or parallel video input. This is ideal for AVR Zone 2 support or the PIP/POP function in a DTV.
NDA required for DOC release. HDCP license required for kit and IC purchase. Please contact us for more information - (877) 466-9722.


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The CP9573/CP9575 port processor starter kit comes with the following components:
CP9573/CP9575 6:2 HDMI Port Processor board
12 V power supply brick
AC power cord
TOSLINK cable (2)
USB Type-A to Type-B cable
HDMI Type-A to Type-A cable (2)
HDMI Type-A to micro-USB MHL cable
Philips PM335 universal remote control
CD-ROM, which contains software and documentation

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