Evaluation Board for TMC5031

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The TMC5031 evaluation board is designed for evaluating all features of the TMC5031 controller/driver IC. The STM32F ARM Cortex - M3 microcontroller is used to control the TMC5031. The FLASH memory of the microcontroller contains a program which configures the controller/driver chip and controls the communication with the PC via the USB interface and the RS232 interface.

stallGuard2 is a high - precision sensorless load measurement using the back EMF on the coils. It can be used for stall detection as well as other uses at loads below those which stall the motor. The stallGuard2 measurement value changes linearly over a wide range of load, velocity, and current settings. At maximum motor load, the value goes to zero or near to zero. This is the most energy - efficient point of operation for the motor.

TMC5031-EVAL Desktop Software allows for a quick and simple start with only minutes to make your motor turning, while still providing full access to all registers and full functionality and diagnostics.

Additionally required is a Power Supply (max. 16V).

Symmetry Electronics (and its e-commerce division: SemiconductorStore.com) is an authorized Trinamic distributor.


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Integrated motion controller
- Motion profile calculation in real-time
- On the fly alteration of motor parameters (e.g. position, velocity, acceleration)
Integrated motor driver for two motors
- Up to 256 microsteps per full step
- High-efficient operation, low power dissipation
- Dynamic current control
- stallGuard2 feature for stall detection
- coolStep feature for reduced power consumption and heat dissipation
- spreadCycle chopper or classic chopper
Electrical data
- Motor current: up to 2x 0.7A RMS nominal motor current
- Supply voltage: +5.5V +16V DC operating voltage
- RS232
- USB (type B)
- Native SPI of the TMC5031
- 2x reference switch inputs per axis
- Access to all signals of the TMC5031


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Evaluation Board for TMC5031
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