Dual, cost-effective controller and driver for up to two 2-phase bipolar stepper motors

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The TMC5031 is a low cost motion controller and driver IC for up to two stepper motors. It combines two flexible ramp motion controllers with energy efficient stepper motor drivers. The drivers support two-phase stepper motors and offer an industry-leading feature set, including high-resolution microstepping, sensorless mechanical load measurement, load-adaptive power optimization, and low-resonance chopper operation. All features are controlled by a standard SPI™ interface. Integrated protection and diagnostic features support robust and reliable operation. High integration, high energy efficiency and small form factor enable miniaturized designs with low external component count for cost-effective and highly competitive solutions.

• CCTV, Security
• Antenna Positioning
• Heliostat Controller
• Battery powered applications
• Office Automation
• ATM, Cash recycler, POS
• Lab Automation
• Liquid Handling
• Medical
• Printer and Scanner
• Pumps and Valves

The TMC5031 scores with power density, complete motion controlling features and integrated power stages. It offers a versatility that covers a wide spectrum of applications from battery systems up to embedded applications with 1.1A current per motor. The small form factor keeps costs down and allows for miniaturized layouts. Extensive support at the chip, board, and software levels enables rapid design cycles and fast time-to-market with competitive products. High energy efficiency and reliability from TRINAMIC’s coolStep technology deliver cost savings in related systems such as power supplies and cooling.

Symmetry Electronics (and its e-commerce division: SemiconductorStore.com) is an authorized Trinamic distributor.


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2-phase stepper motors
Drive Capability up to 2 x 1.1A coil current
Motion Controller with sixPointramp
Voltage Range 4.75 16V DC
SPI Interface
2x Ref.-Switch input per axis
Highest Resolution 256 microsteps per full step
Full Protection & Diagnostics
stallGuard2 high precision sensorless motor load detection
coolStep load dependent current control for energy savings up to 75%
spreadCycle high-precision chopper for best current sine wave form and zero crossing with additional chopSync2
Compact Size 7x7mm QFN48 package


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Trinamic Application Note
Trinamic Application Note
Trinamic Application Note